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Women Empowerment through Livestock based Self-Help Groups

Y. S. Jadoun Akshita Chadda Jaswinder Singh S. K. Kansal Amandeep Singh
Vol 11(6), 1-10

Livestock sector plays a key role in sustainable rural development and has acquired the status of one of the important livelihood options in the country. In India, out of 22.45 million population engaged in animal husbandry sector, 16.84 million are women. Women perform majority of livestock operations that constitute about 69 per cent of workforce engaged in livestock sector in India. There are 75 million women engaged in dairying against 15 million men and 20 million in animal husbandry against 1.5 million men; still women are poorer and under privileged than men as they are subjected to many socio-economic and cultural constraints. Women development activities must be given importance to eradicate poverty, increase economic growth for better standard of living. Women Self Help Group (SHGs) has emerged as a cost-effective strategy for empowering women and alleviating poverty. The participation of women in Self-Help Groups (SHGs) made a significant impact on their empowerment both in social and economic aspects. Self-help group initiate and maintain saving within the group, lending loans to the members and solving common problems of their members. The current paper highlights the vitality of SHGs in women empowerment and lays foundation for livestock based SHGs for women.

Keywords : Livestock Self-Help Groups Women Empowerment

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