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Effect of Feeding Tanniferous Leaf Meal Based TMR on Growth Performance and Haemonchus Control in Nellore Brown Lambs

K. Sireesha Ch. V. Seshaiah K. Sudhakar D. S. Kumar R. Vinoo
Vol 11(6), 29-35

Anthelmintics have been used since long to combat the problem of gastrointestinal parasitism, but emergence of anthelminthic resistant strains in worm population possess a major threat to sustainable small ruminant production. In order to explore the alternates to chemical dewormers, the present research was aimed at studying the effect of feeding tanniferous leaf meal mixture (TLMM) based total mixed rations (TMR) on growth and Haemonchus control in lambs. A total of 30 Nellore brown lambs of 3-4 months age with uniform body weights (12.10 ± 0.31 kg), tested positive for Haemonchus infestation were selected and randomly divided into five groups of 6 animals each in a completely randomized design. The control groups i.e., positive control (C) and negative control (NC) were fed with TMR without TLMM and the treatment groups were fed with TMR in which part of the roughage portion was replaced with TLMM to get the CT content of the ration at 2% (T1), 3%(T2) and 4%(T3) levels for a period of 120 days. Only NC group of lambs were dewormed as per the schedule. Care was taken that all the experimental rations were isonitrogenous. The mean body weights and average daily gain (ADG) of lambs at the end of the experiment were significantly (P<0.05) higher in treatment groups compared to control groups and were significantly (P<0.05) higher in T2 group compared to other groups. The Feed conversion ratio (FCR) (kg DMI/kg gain) was significantly (P<0.05) low in T2 group compared to C and NC groups, while the difference was comparable among treatment groups. The faecal egg count (FEC) of Haemonchus was significantly (P<0.05) high in C group and were low in T2 group, while the difference was not significant among T1, T3 and NC groups. At the end of the experiment, the FEC were reduced by 66.67%, 85.85% and 71.63% in T1, T2 and T3 groups, respectively.

Keywords : Growth Haemonchus Ova Lambs Tanniferous Leaf Meal TMR

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