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Caprine Obstructive Urolithiasis – A Review

Sudheesh S. Nair Deny Jennes Anvitha Hansoge Soumya Ramankutty Anoop Sainulabdeen John Martin K. D.
Vol 12(1), 1-11

Obstructive urolithiasis is a life emergency in small ruminants demanding immediate medical attention and clinical intervention. Wide range of pathophysiological and managemental factors including nutrition, watering, season, sex, hormones were attributed to this condition. Even though the condition occurs in both sexes, it is very common among male goats mainly due to the unique anatomical peculiarity of urinary tract of bucks. The condition causes great economic losses in terms of treatment cost and compromised breeding efficiency. The early treatment measures and preventive management strategies in caprine urolithiasis are of paramount importance in maintaining the health of animals and securing the livelihood of marginal and small-scale goat farmers. This review examines the common etio-pathological factors and medical and surgical management of caprine obstructive urolithiasis with special reference to preventive management strategies.

Keywords : Obstructive Urolithiasis Goats Urinary Diversion Technique Preventive Management

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