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Women Participation in the Milk Producers Co-Operative Societies Activities in Chikkaballapur District

Namratha Kanakapura Basavaraju Kiran Mariswamy
Vol 7(9), 30-35

People of rural India face lot of hardships to have a day’s square meal. Majority of them are occupied in agriculture, animal husbandry, and other ancillary activities. Income of agriculture activity has been as erratic as monsoon. Hence, rural people were forced to think of generating additional revenue. Majority of them chose rearing of milking cattle and selling its milk as a source for the second income. The research was undertaken in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka state to know the extent of women participation in the activities at Milk Producers Co-operative Societies (MPCS). Sixty women members at MPCS were interviewed for the purpose with the pre tested interview schedule. Majority of the respondents were of young age (56%), living in a nuclear family (90%) with the family size between 2-4 members and possessed medium land holding (34%). Their family members working in farm instead as labourers and was possessing agriculture as their main occupation (48%). Majority of the respondents belonged to low income category (76%), with male as family decision makers (74%) and were seeking information through informal sources (56%). Result revealed that majority of the respondents (96.67%) participated in animal health camp, 60% of them participated in vaccination, 85 per cent in supplying of fodder seeds, 88.33 per cent in supplying fodder roots, 81.67 per cent in supplying mineral mixture, 66.67 Straw treatment demonstration, 71.67 per cent of the respondents participated in training conducted by MPCS, with regard to total quality management their participation was in the order of unloading (93.33%), weighing (68.33%), testing in quality control laboratory (63.33%), grading (58.33%), and sampling (55%), in case of milk testing activities, 96.67 per cent of respondents participated in lactometer test, 63.33 per cent respondents participated in book keeping, cash distribution (65.00%), record maintenance (51.67%) and banking / financial activity (46.67%) and Only 33.33 per cent of the respondents actively participated in the group meeting and group activities of MPCS. Due to medium participation level of women in MPCS activities educating them can help encourage them to become more involved and committed to the cooperatives as well as help to increase the level of participation of women in MPCS activities.

Keywords : Women MPCS (Milk Producers Co-operative Societies) Participation and Activities

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