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Work Load of Farm Women in Livestock Activities and Their Musculoskeletal Disorders Symptoms

Surabhi Singh
Vol 7(12), 242-251

Farm women play a vital role in Indian agriculture and allied activities. Amongst allied activities, livestock management is the major one. They are engaged in almost all types of livestock activities such as fodder collection, dung collection, care of animals, milking etc. They adopt awkward posture while performing all these livestock activities. Due to heavy workload and poor posture, they endure many musculoskeletal disorders. Keeping this fact in mind, the present study was conducted to assess the involvement of farm women in livestock activities, perceived work load while performing these activities and MSD symptoms. It was evident from the data that farm women were involved in all types of livestock activities such as fodder collection (94.7 %), cleaning and care of animals (94.7 %), cleaning animal shed (96 %), dung collection (93.3 %), disposing of dung (93.3%) and milking (90 %). Various symptoms of MSDs were seen in farm women and maximum farmwomen (55.3 %) reported back pain. They perceived discomfort in various body parts while performing livestock activities due to adopting awkward posture.

Keywords : Discomfort Farm Women Musculoskeletal Disorders Livestock Activities Work Load

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