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Xylazine- Ketamine and Dexmedetomidine – Ketamine Anaesthetic Combination Comparison in 30 Days Old Broilers

Manjunath Patil Dilipkumar Desai Bhagavantappa B Ningadalli
Vol 8(3), 118-127

Anaesthetic dosage regimen is different in birds when compared to animals because of its flying behavior and due to change in its anatomy and physiology. A total of 12 broiler birds were selected and divided into two groups. Group I (6) birds were given xylazine- ketamine combination (xylazine @ 3mg/kg b.wt., I/M + 5 minute later ketamine @ 20 mg/kg b.wt., I/M) and for group II (6) dexmedetomidine-ketamine combination (dexmedetomidine @ 5µg/ kg b.wt., I/M + 5 minute later ketamine @ 20 mg/kg b.wt., I/M) were administered. Anaesthetic and other anaesthetic parameters were quicker and earlier in group II than group I respectively. The complication of anaesthesia like gasping was seen in group I only. Whereas, defecation was observed in both the groups. Other complications like limb stretched backwards, rigidity of legs, paws curled and loosened neck was observed in group II only.

Keywords : Broilers Dexmedetomidine Ketamine Xylazine

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