Diagnosis of Bovine Gastrointestinal Disorders in The Field: A Review


  • Syed Ashaq Hussain ​Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology of Kashmir (SKUAST-K)


Abdominal Distension, Digestive Diseases, Palpation, Peritoneal Fluid, Rumen Fluid Analysis


The diagnosis of bovine gastrointestinal disorders can be daunting in the field due to the lack of adequate facilities. The range of digestive diseases which may occur in cattle is challenging and a careful analysis is required before treatment protocol is advised. However, much can be achieved by using a methodical approach, and many diseases may be successfully treated if the correct diagnosis is achieved. This article describes some clinical and diagnostic tests of the bovine abdomen that can be performed under minimal available facilities to better diagnose gastrointestinal disorders in the field.  These tests will help to achieve a diagnosis or will help in decision-making for the referral. The detailed clinical examination and laboratory procedure are not discussed in this article. Where appropriate, some specific conditions not related to the digestive system and some infectious diseases have been mentioned for differential diagnosis purposes only.


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