Seasonal Variations on Test-day Milk and its Components of Syrian Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)


  • Al-Lataifeh Fatima Department of Animal Production and Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Jerash University, JORDAN
  • Saida Shnaigat Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Agriculture, Jerash University, JORDAN
  • Faisal Al-Barakeh Al-Barakeh Livestock Research Directorate, National Agriculture Research Center (NARC), Albaqa'a,
  • Khaled Al-Najjar General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research, GCSAR, Damascus, SYRIA


Buffaloes, Milk components, Seasonal variation, Test-day milk


This research presents the effect of seasons on test-day milk and its components in Syrian buffaloes under semi-intensive rearing. Test-day milk (grams), fat-to-protein ratio, fat%, protein%, lactose%, non-fat solids%, ash%, and density (g/cm3) were estimated by SAS (2012). The research confirmed the occurrence of significant seasonal variation for all the studied traits except for ash%. A significant positive correlation was found between test-day milk and fat%. In contrast, a significant negative correlation was found between test-day milk and its density. In addition, there was a significant positive correlation between fat-to-protein ratio and fat% and a significant negative correlation between fat-to-protein ratio and both protein% and lactose%. The study concluded that better herd management practices and balanced diets could reduce variation in milk quantities and improve quality. Buffalo breeders could improve milk composition, ensuring higher levels of protein and lactose by adjusting the fat-to-protein ratio, resulting in higher quality milk that meets the preferences and requirements of consumers.


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