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Dr. Amit Sharma

Assistant Professor (Senior Scale) Department of LPM, COVS, GADVASU,Ludhiana-141004 INDIA

He has completed his BVSc & AH (1998-2003) form COVS & AH, Mathura, MVSc (LPM) (2004-2006) from GADVASU, Ludhiana and PhD (LPM) (2006-2009) from ICAR-NDRI, Karnal.

He has more than 10 year teaching, research and extension experience  as Assistant Professor, LPM at COVS & AH, RK Nagar, Tripura  from  year 2009-2011 and since  year 2011 onward at  COVS, GADVASU, Ludhiana, Punjab.

In academics, he has taught more than 40 under graduate and 22 post graduate courses, developed 1 undergraduate course, 8 practical teaching manuals and successfully completed more than 30 external academic assignments (paper setting, examiner, evaluation etc.).

In research, He has worked on various aspects of Livestock Production Management viz. Periparturient management of dairy cows and sows,  designing of climate resilient sheds for small and marginal farmers, passive microclimate modification of poultry, pig and dairy animal sheds to minimize carbon and water budget of intensive animal production and improve resource use efficiency. He has guided 3 MVSc students and has been member of advisory committee of 12 MVSc and 2 PhD students. As Principe Investigator he has completed 3 research projects and currently working on one, funded under RKVY, Govt. of India. As Co-PI, he is also involved in two research projects funded by MoEF & Climate change, Govt. of India- New Delhi and AICRP on Pig.

In Extension, he has delivered more than 140 extension training lectures, 5 TV and 5 Radio talks and coordinated department activities in 10 Pashupalan Melas and also developed an android mobile applications on Pig farming in Punjabi language as E: learning extension tool.

Dr. Sharma has also contributed in the field of livestock production through publication of 27 research papers in scientific NAAS rated journal of national and international repute, 20 research abstracts and 2 lead papers in conference/symposia, 8 invited technical papers, 2 extension books, 7 book chapters and 22 popular magazine articles.

Additionally, he has been expert member of a number of university and state level committees and participated in 14 national and international symposia/conferences/ trainings.  He is member of 5 professional societies and Assistant editor of Indian Journal of Animal Production Management. He had been reviewer of Tropical Animal Health and Production, Indian Journal of Animal Production Management, Haryana Veterinarian journals.

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