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Dr Dhoolappa Melinamani

Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Histology, Vinobanagar, Veterinary College, Shivamogga, Karnataka India

He conducted the research work on the topic “Morphological   Characterization of Keratin Materials and their Potential for Biomedical Applications” The aim of the research work was to develop sustainable, low-energy, benign processes for manufacturing of bio-products and to reduce organic solvent consumption. His research work has resulted in the development of innovative biobased products; viz. BioInsole; BioLarvicide; aims to nip problem of mosquitoes at budding stage in eco-friendly manner; BioScaffold and Cowslips  His innovation can create more value-added biobased consumer products from the readily available natural keratin based resources (like feather waste) for multiple applications for wide range of consumers. The practical applicability of the research is high at industrial sectors such as livestock/poultry and agriculture for the production of bioproducts for industrial progress, societal benefit and environmental safety!!!… and to ensure circular bioeconomy. The patented bioproducts are of first of their kind and a promising technology to convert waste to health and wealth. He is the accredited guide for masters and doctorate students. He has filed three patents and transferred one technology for commercialization

During his M.V.Sc studies, he was awarded JRF from ICAR, New Delhi. Further, he has also qualified for Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi-SRF examination for his Ph. D studies. He is bestowed with many awards/fellowships/recognitions for his innovative Ph.D. research of biomedical field in India.

Dr Dhoolappa M served as Assistant Professor in Department of Veterinary and Anatomy, Veterinary College, Shimoga, Karnataka from September, 2012. He was involved in UG & PG teaching, research activities and Extension activities like training, demonstration etc. of the institute. He has also guided four PG  and PhD students as advisory committee member and has been the external examiner and question paper setter for UG and PG of various colleges and universities across India. As a researcher, he has been Principal Investigator (PI) for one Project and Co-PI for four projects which also include the funding support under BIRAC-DBT Grants of Government of Karnataka etc. Also, he has participated as a resource person in various extension activities organized by other organizations. He has published 15 research papers in high quality national and international journals apart from about 15 contributions in the form of training manuals, compendium, book chapters, folders etc. He has also edited about 05 different documents like training manuals, practical manuals, annual reports, compendium, proceedings, books etc. He is also a member of various professional societies and reviewer of various national and international journals. In recognition of his academic and professional excellence, he is bestowed with four best paper presentation awards and One Best Poster Presentation awards.

Research focus: Sustainable bioresorce management, Eco-designs innovations, and circular bioeconomy

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