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Ph.D, Lecturer-Researcher University of Dschang, Chief Service of Research and Cooperation Promotion, Centre of Distance Education Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences, Laboratory of Animal Production and Nutrition P.O.BOX 188 DSCHANG- CAMEROON

Dr MIEGOUE Emile A Ph. D holder is a Lecturer – researcher (senior lecturer) at the University of Dschang in the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animals Sciences. As an Administrative Function, he is a head of service of research and the promotion of Cooperation in Centre of Distance Education in the same University. He have defense a post graduate diploma thesis on animal health, a MSc thesis on forges production and nutritional values and a Ph. D thesis on livestock nutrition and feeding. He is teaching for more than 20 years first in secondary school and in the Universities institutions (for more than 15 years). He is for more than 19 years in the research activities. He has produce more than 70 Scientifics articles in higher qualities nationals and internationals Journals. He has participated for more than 17 internationals and nationals conferences. He is author or co-authors of 3 books in the domain of livestock production. He is an expert in some domains as Livestock foodstuff analysis, Conception and management of e-learning. Dr MIEGOUE Emile have work for many year in range Sciences and pasture, forages production and management, Ruminants nutrition and feeding. Non-conventional livestock production and in wide extend in Animals Sciences. His research main interest is the “Valorization of local resources in herbivores animals feeding”. He can speak perfectly English and French. This University lecturer and researcher is a reviewer for more than 10 journals and Editorial board of 3 internationals journals.

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