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Adoption Level and Training Need In Scientific Feeding Management Practices among Hill Korwa Tribes of Chhattisgarh

Maousami B.P. Singh Rajesh Kumar Vijay Kumar J. K. Chaudhary
Vol 7(9), 134-139

The present study was aimed at finding out the level of adoption of scientific feeding management practices among Hill Korwa tribes with relation to the independent socio-economic variables and also the perceived training need in feeding management practices. Data were collected from 160 respondents of Surguja district, Chhattisgarh, through a pre-tested structured interview schedule. Results depicted that majority of respondents were partial adopter (48.8%) followed by low (43.1%) and high (8.1%) adopters. Total annual income, income from livestock, extension agency contact and mass media exposure had positive and significant correlation with adoption of feeding management practices whereas, age and material possession had negative and significant correlation with adoption of feeding management practices. In the area of training, the feeding of sick animals was ranked first with a mean score of 2.70 followed by feeding of newly born calf (2.24), feeding of pregnant animals (2.09), preparation of balanced ration (1.86), importance of clean drinking water (1.42) and preparation of mineral mixture (1.39), were as perceived by the farmers in study area.

Keywords : Adoption Level Feeding Management Korwa Tribes Training Needs

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