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Antioxidant Property of Tree Foliages Fed to Dairy Animals under Rural Production System in Mizoram, India

Rajat Buragohain
Vol 8(5), 115-120

The study was to assess the anti-oxidant property of the tree foliages commonly fed to dairy animals in Mizoram. Surveys conducted in 15 villages of three rural development blocks of Aizawl district namely, Tlangnuam, Thingsulthiah and Aibawk on 45 dairy farmers. Aqueous extracts of representative leaf samples were made utilizing 30 gm of dried leaves powder in soxhlet extraction system for estimation of antioxidant property. The study revealed utilization of 41 different tree foliages throughout the year for feeding to the dairy animals. The leaves showed significant antioxidant properties in terms of Iron (III) to iron (II) reducing activity and Ascorbate –iron (III) catalyzed phosphor-lipid peroxidation. The results indicated that the tree species having noticeable anti-oxidant activity could be regarded as promising candidates for plant-derived anti-oxidant compounds and utilizing as feeds as well as herbs for the dairy animals in Mizoram.

Keywords : Anti-Oxidant Property Dairy Animal Mizoram Tree Foliage

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