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Association of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPS) Of HSP90AA1 Gene with Reproductive Traits in Deoni Cattle

S. A. Shergojry B. A. Ganayi K. P. Ramesha K. Rengarajan G. V Srihari D. N. Das M. A. Kataktalware
Vol 1(1), 17-19

Heat Shock Protein (HSP) genes have been reported to be associated with heat tolerance and reproductive performance in cattle. HSP90AA1 gene was analyzed using PCR-SSCP technique in 72 cows of Deoni breed. All the ten exons of HSP90AA1 gene were amplified by PCR using a total of six sets of primers and the genetic variants were determined by PCR-SSCP technique. The polymorphism was confirmed by direct sequencing. The exons 1 to 7 showed monomorphism. In Exon 8, three unique SSCP patterns with genotypic frequencies of 0.250, 0.639 and 0.111, respectively were observed. Two SSCP patterns with genotypic frequencies of 0.153 and 0.847 were observed in Exon 9. The analysis of Exon 10 revealed two unique SSCP patterns with genotypic frequencies of 0.236 and 0.764 respectively. The sequence analysis of Exon 8 revealed T  G transversion at position 3650 of HSPAA1 gene (GenBank accession number NC-007319 as reference sequence). The observed polymorphism (T  G) at position 3650 results in substitution of an amino acid from Phenylalanine to Leucine. The cows having pattern III of Exon 8 had significantly higher age at first calving as compared to cows with pattern I and pattern II (P≤0.01). There was no difference in calving interval in cows with different SSCP patterns in Exon 8. The detected polymorphisms at position 4111 (C G) in Exon 9 and at position 4578 (A  G) in Exon 10 were silent mutations in the coding region and had no association with reproductive performances in Deoni cattle.

Keywords : Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms HSP90AA1 gene heat tolerance Deoni cattle

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