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Biochemical Parameters of Native Chicken of Himachal Pradesh, Dahlem Red and Their Crosses

Smriti Saklani Geetanajali Singh Rishika Vij Varun Sankhyan

Native chicken comprise the important part of free-range poultry production in the rural areas of Himachal Pradesh. They are gaining tremendous importance due to their better adaptability but are not efficient producers, thus has been crossbred with exotic breed Dahlem Red. Characterization of these breeds with respect to their physical and biochemical parameters have not done yet. Thus, the objective of this study was to find the baseline values of plasma biochemical parameters of the native chickens of Himachal Pradesh, Dahlem Red and their crosses and compare these parameters among themselves and gender wise. Significant difference (p<0.05) among the breeds/crosses and for the sexes within a breed /cross were observed for plasma cholesterol, triglyceride, ALT, creatinine, calcium and phosphorus. The baseline values provided may act as foundation for the management of the health of these chicken breeds/crosses.

Keywords : Baseline values Biochemical parameters Breed/cross Crossbreeding Dahlem Red Native chicken Poultry production

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