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Clinical Profile of Black Quarter in Cattle

S. R. Ambhore M. A. Khan S. G. Chavhan A. U. Bhikane A.V. Bhonsle N. Z. Gaikwad
Vol 8(11), 321-326

The present study was conducted on 42 clinical cases of black quarter to study the clinical profile of black quarter in cattle with reference to clinical parameters like frequency of various clinical signs, body parts affected, number of lesions, nature of swelling and pain reaction. The percent analysis of clinical signs revealed the abnormal gait (74%), recumbent posture (57%) and presence of lameness in 33% cases. Out of 42 cases, 43% cases showed affection of the heavy muscles of hind limb and 31% showed affection of heavy muscles of fore limb. The majority of affected cases showed presence of single lesion (74%). The highest number of cases (86%) revealed the presence of crepitating nature of swelling and presence of pain reaction (74%). The highly significant increase in rectal temperature, pulse rate and respiration rate was also observed in affected animals.

Keywords : Black Quarter Clinical Signs Lesions Pattern

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