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Complication of Fracture in Sheep

Athar H. Khajuria A. Gazi M. A. Handoo N. Moulvi B. A. Parrah J. D. Kalim M. O.
Vol 2(1), 222-225

A case of swelling of the right hind limb in a sheep near the stifle joint was presented for evaluation. There was non-weight bearing of the affected limb along with the slowly growing swelling from last 7 days. The case was diagnosed as abscess based on the aspiration of the contents from the swelling. Radiograph of the right femur revealed the midshaft diaphyseal fracture with overriding of the fracture ends. A case of abscess due to the open fracture of femur in sheep is being placed for record

Keywords : Abscess Fracture Femur

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