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Effect of Herbal Amino Acids in Improving Growth and Performance in Broiler Chicken

M. V. Dhumal D. B. Bhaisare M. G. Nikam Shivi Maini
Vol 7(1), 43-53

The investigation was carried out to evaluate the effect of herbal amino acids in improving performance in broilers. The experiment was carried out on commercial straight run broilers. Total 400 day old Vencobb400 broiler chicks were weighed and distributed randomly into five treatment groups viz, A, B, C, D and E with four replicates of 20 chicks each. For treatment group A rations was prepared as per BIS Indian Standards (2007) and treatment group B (a negative control group) ration was formulated with reduced protein (10%). For treatment groups C & D rations were prepared by supplementing the Methiorep @ 0.10% and 0.15% respectively, in negative control group (Treatment group B). Similarly, for treatment group E, negative control group (Treatment group B) ration was supplemented with Superliv @0.05%. The weight gain, FCR for different treatments groups were non-significant. The feed consumption was significantly higher for various treatment groups compared to control A. The mortality was higher in Treatment group B compared to rest of groups. Best performance was observed for treatment groups E supplemented with Superliv. The profitability was more in Superliv supplemented group followed by Methiorep supplemented group. An increase in profitability might be due to lower feed cost, thereby reduced cost of production and higher body weight. It was concluded that Methiorep @ 0.1% of feed and Superliv @ 0.05 % of feed can be used efficiently for compensating the performance of broiler in term of body weight gain, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio, livability, decrease feed cost, thereby reduced production cost and increased net profit to that of control group.

Keywords : Superlive Methiorep Amino Acids Supplementation Broiler Performance Economics

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