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Effect of Challenge Feeding on Production Performance of Surti Buffaloes

A. P. Raval L. M. Sorathiya M. A. Katariya V. B. Kharadi V. R. Patel N. B. Patel A. B. Parmar
Vol 9(7), 164-170

Twenty advanced pregnant Surti buffalo heifers were randomly divided into 2 groups of 10 animals in each to evaluate the effect of challenge feeding on production performance. The animals in control group (CN) were given standard ration while in challenge fed (CF) group, the animals were given additional amounts of concentrate mixture. The mean DM intake of heifers during pre-partum period was similar (10.52 vs. 11.20 kg) in both the groups. However, the post-partum DM intake was higher (P<0.05) in challenge fed group than the control group (10.77 vs. 12.33 kg). The concentrate intake was higher during pre- and post-partum periods in the CF group. The overall mean daily milk yield was higher (P<0.05) in CF group as compared to CN group (2.16 vs. 3.61 kg/d). The milk composition (fat, lactose, protein and SNF content), body condition score and calf birth weight were similar in the both groups. The net income per cow per day was higher in CF than CN group. It was concluded that the challenge feeding in Surti buffaloes improved production performance during early lactation and was found to be economical.

Keywords : Challenge Feeding Milk Production Surti Buffalo

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