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Effect of Supplementation of Essential Oils on Performance of Broiler, Meat Quality and Immune Status

Kundur Priyanka M. V. Dhumal M. G. Nikam
Vol 8(9), 338-353

An experiment was conducted to evaluate the performance of broiler, meat quality and immune status by supplementation of essential oils. 360 day old Vencobb400 straight run chicks were weighed and distributed randomly into six treatment groups viz, A, B, C, D, E and F with three replicates of 20 chicks each. The treatment group A served as control without supplementation of any essential oil. The treatment groups B, C, D, E and F were supplemented with essential oils through feed @ Garlic oil 100mg /kg. Garlic oil 200mg/kg, Neem oil 100mg/kg. Neem oil 200mg/kg and Garlic oil 100mg + Neem oil 100mg/kg of feed, respectively. The pre-starter, starter and finisher rations were formulated as per BIS (2007). The weekly cumulative weight gain feed consumption and feed conversion ratio were significantly affected (P <0.01) by supplementation of essential oils. Significantly lower mortality was observed for essential oils supplemented groups compared to control group. The TBA value (mg/kg) of broiler for breast and thigh meat at 15th day of storage revealed significant (P < 0.01) influence. The significant differences (P < 0.01) were observed for serum titer values at 42nd day of age. Neem essential oil @ 100mg/kg supplemented group (D) had numerically higher antibody titer against IBD. The total cost of broiler production was Rs. 140.62, 138.23, 141.76, 140.10, 142.75 and 141.39 for treatment groups A, B, C, D, E and F, respectively. The net profit per bird was highest for Treatment group D (Rs.20.00), followed by B (Rs.19.95), C (Rs.19.92), A (Rs.19.22), E (Rs.17.64) and F (Rs.17.33). It is concluded that supplementation of garlic @ 200 mg/kg of feed is beneficial from the point of production parameters. However, supplementation of garlic and Neem essential oil @ 100mg/kg of feed alone in broiler ration is beneficial from the point of oxidative stability, economical gain and immune status of commercial broiler chickens.

Keywords : Broiler Performance Essential Oil Meat Quality Supplementation

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