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Effect of Yeast (Sacchromyces cerevisae) and Herb (Urtica dioica) Supplementation on In-vitro Digestibility and Fermentation Attributes of Paddy Straw

Subhata Mehboob A. M. Ganai G. G. Sheikh Danish Masood M. A. Bhat
Vol 9(3), 305-312

The study was undertaken to evaluate in-vitro digestibility and fermentation parameters of paddy straw and paddy straw based complete feed supplemented with feed additives viz. yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and herb (Urtica dioica) at different levels using whole rumen flora from sheep. Significant improvement in nutrient degradability of DM and NDF was observed due to yeast and herb supplementation with maximum values at 3g kg-1DM in case of yeast and 3% of DM in case of herb, respectively. Another in vitro study was carried to evaluate the effect of 3g kg-1DM and 3% DM of yeast and herb alone and in combination on rumen fermentation parameters in complete feed having paddy straw and concentrate mixture in 50:50 ratio. The yeast and herb alone and in combination significantly improved nutrient degradability (DM and NDF), total rumen nitrogen, TCA-ppt N and TVFA in comparison to control with non-significant effect on rumen NH3-N.

Keywords : Complete Feed In-vitro Degradability Paddy Straw Urtica dioica Yeast

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