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Effects of Climate Change on Animal Health and Diseases

M. I. Yatoo Pankaj Kumar U. Dimri M. C. Sharma
Vol 2(3), 15-24

Climate change and global warming now being accepted facts have affected all the ecosystems and will do so if left uncontrolled. Impacts on some components have gained more attention while others have been neglected. Animals belong to latter. Even among the aspects relating to impacts of climate change on animals, production related impacts have gained attention when the impacts on health in general and on infectious diseases in particular are neglected.Despite not being studied in depth, it can be assumed that as in the case of humans, climate change, in particular global warming, is likely to greatly affect the health of animals, both directly and indirectly. Direct effects include temperature-related illness and death, and the morbidity of animals during extreme weather events. Indirect impacts follow more intricate pathways and include those deriving from the attempt of animals to adapt to thermal environment or from the influence of climate on microbial populations, distribution of vector-borne diseases, host resistance to infectious agents, feed and water shortages, or food-borne diseases.

Keywords : Climate change Animal Health Disease

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