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Efficacy of Composite Fat Replacer Mixture of Sodium Alginate and Carrageenan for Development of Low Fat Pork Patties

Kumbhar Vishal Chatli Manish Kumar Rajesh V. Wagh Pavan Kumar O.P. Malav Nitin Mehta
Vol 8(11), 94-105

Composite fat replacer mixture of sodium alginate (SA) and carrageenan (Crg) was optimised to develop Low-fat pork patties (LFPP). LFPP (0% added fat) were developed with three different combinations of SA and Crg percentage i.e. LFPP-1 (0.10/0.75), LFPP-2 (0.20/0.50) and LFPP-3 (0.30/0.25) and were compared with control pork patties (10% added fat) for compositional, processing and sensory characteristics. The moisture content of raw emulsion and cooked LFPP were significantly (P<0.05) higher than control. The cooking yield, moisture and fat retention was measured highest for LFPP-3 and lowest for control product. Flavour scores were comparable in all products. Texture, juiciness and overall acceptability scores were measured highest for LFPP-2 and were comparable with control high-fat pork patties. LFPP (<10% total fat) with more than 56% lower calorie content and with improved cooking yield, textural and sensory attributes can be successfully developed by incorporating composite fat replacer of 0.2% sodium alginate and 0.50% carrageenan.

Keywords : Fat Replacer Low-Fat Pork Patties

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