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Efficacy of Polyherbal Drug against Tympany in Bovine

A. M. Syed V. D. Aher P. M. Mane G. R. Gangane
Vol 8(6), 258-265

The present study aimed to evaluate therapeutic efficacy of polyherbal drug liquid Bloatosafe for the treatment of primary tympany in bovine. Total twenty (n=20) clinical cases were presented with history of loss of appetite, dullness, depression, absence of ruminal contraction, suspended rumination and enlargement of left paralumbar fossa were treated with Liq. Bloatosafe @ 50 ml orally twice daily till complete cure. Liq. Bloatosafe, a polyherbal antibloat drug manufactured by M/S Rakesh Pharmaceuticals, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, contains 15 different herbs. In present investigation, non significant change in temperature and significant changes in heart rate and respiratory rate in treated cases of cattle and buffaloes was recorded. Non significant improvement in rumen fluid pH and significant changes in protozoal density and protozoal motility were recorded. In present investigation, non-significant changes in haemoglobin, packed cell volume and significant changes in total leukocyte count before and after treatment of affected cattle and buffaloes were recorded. Out of twenty animals treated, 19 were completely recovered and one animal not recovered and died during treatment might be due to severity of condition. The results indicate Liq. Bloatosafe could be effective in amelioration of primary tympany in ruminants, as evident through improvement in tympany, ruminal motility and normal functioning of rumen. The treatment with Liq. Bloatosafe proved to be effective, safe and did not show any untoward effect at recommended therapeutic doses as co-therapy with sodium bicarbonate, B complex injections, rumenotorics, antibiotics and supportive therapy in treatment of primary tympany.

Keywords : Bovine Herbal Treatment Liq. Bloatosafe Primary Tympany

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