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Export Competitiveness and Performance of Indian Livestock Export- a Balance Panel Data Analysis

Mahammadhusen Khorajiya R. L. Shiyani Narendrabhai Ardeshna Basa Swaminathan Murlidhar Meena
Vol 8(3), 140-156

Development of Indian livestock has become eye-catching and more competitive over the last few years. Except meat and eggs, India has meagre share even less than one per cent in world livestock export basket. India is dominated in the bovine meat export in world market and its share has increased over the period. The results of Nominal Protection Coefficient (NPC) confirmed that several Indian livestock products were export competitive except butter and condensed milk. India has comparative advantage in both bovine meat and eggs but Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) in egg decreased after 2009. The results of Hausman test preferred fixed effect over the random effect. Coefficient of importing countries GDP had positively influence on the dairy and meat products export. Besides, certain other determinants such as per capita income of India as well as importing country, population of importing country, population of India, trade openness, real exchange rate and distance were also significantly influenced the livestock export.

Keywords : Hausman Test Livestock Export NPC RCA

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