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Genetic Polymorphism Study of FecXG Mutation in Exon 2 Region of Bone Morphogenic Protein 15 (BMP15) Gene in Indian Muzzafarnagari Sheep Breed

Parul Singh Deepak Sharma Satyendra Pal Singh Madhu Tiwari Avneesh Kumar Vijay Pandey Sanjeev Kumar Singh
Vol 9(8), 120-125

Bone morphogenetic protein 15 (BMP15), member of TGF-β family, expressed in oocyte is essential for ovulation. The BMP15 gene of sheep links to the X chromosome so it is also known as FecX gene. The FecXG mutation in BMP15 gene is characterized by an C>T substitution (Q239Ter) at coding position 718 in exon 2 region that results in the insertion of a premature stopping point in the transcription of the protein, associated with increase in ovulation in sheep. In the present study, DNA was isolated from blood samples collected from the Muzzafarnagari sheep breeds (n = 200) maintained at LFC (Livestock farm complex) of DUVASU, Mathura, U.P. The 141 bp amplified fragments of the of BMP15 gene were digested with HinfI restriction enzyme. The HinfI/PCR-RFLP assay of BMP15 gene revealed only GG genotype (141 bp uncut, 100%) with G allele (1.0) in screened sheep population. The studied region of the BMP15 gene showed monomorphic pattern. It revealed that FecX G allele seems to be fixed in screened sheep population.

Keywords : BMP15 Exon 2 HinfI Muzzafarnagari PCR-RFLP Ovulation

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