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Haemato-Biochemical Profile of Adult Female Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) under Agro-Climatic Conditions of Mizoram (India)

M. Ayub Ali Lalnuntluangi Hmar L. Inaombi Devi Hemen Das P. K. Subudhi Malsawmdawngkimi Colney
Vol 9(1), 74-79

Present study reports the normal physiological values of haematological indices and biochemical profile of the adult female turkey under agro-climatic conditions of Mizoram. The observed haematological and biochemical parameters were WBC-26.72±3.33 m/mm3, RBC-2.83±0.13 m/mm3, Hct-34.88±1.14 (%), MCV-123.60 nfl/cell, Hb-14.05±0.50 g/dl, THR- 540.0±365.64 m/mm3, MPV-6.85±0.24 fl, Pct-0.36±0.24 (%), PDW-6.50±4.42, MCH-49.7±0.92 pg, MCHC-40.25±0.47 g/dl, RDW-9.3±0.39, LYM-35.75±3.89 (%), MON-10.25±1.97 (%), GRA-54.0±5.81 (%), glucose-311.75±2.63 mg/dl, total cholesterol-172.25±27.24 mg/dl, triglyceride-56.75±8.54 mg/dl, HDL-cholesterol-110.0 mg/dl, total protein-5.60±0.25 gm/dl, albumin-1.93±0.19 gm/dl, globulin-3.68±0.17 gm/dl, A:G-0.53±0.06 gm/dl, uric acid-6.70±1.96mg/dl, BUN-4.28±0.22 mg/dl, creatinine- 0.50±0.22 mg/dl, direct bilirubin-0.10±0.00 mg/dl and total bilirubin-0.15±0.05 mg/dl. Data generated may be of use for assessing the health as well as for disease diagnosis in turkey.

Keywords : Biochemical Haematological Plasma Turkey

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