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Impact of Climatic Change on Livestock Production, Reproduction and Its Ameliorative Measures – An Overview

B. Balamurugan J. Keerthana M. Ramamoorthy K. M. Kavya A. Khatti N. S. Kharayat
Vol 7(2), 11-19

Climate change is a long term shift in the statistics of the weather such as temperature, radiation, wind and rainfall characteristics of particular region. Climate change has a great impact on the reproductive activity of livestock species. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change indicated that the developing countries tend to be more vulnerable to extreme climatic events as they largely depend on climate sensitive sectors like agriculture and forestry. India is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts and ranks among the top 10 high risk countries. The greenhouse gas emission from agriculture sector is the most important factor for global warming. The productive and reproductive performances of cattle and buffaloes are likely to be aggravated due to climate change and global warming. The ability of an animal to cope up with environmental stress could be improved through strategic management of reproduction by manipulation of folliculogenesis, hormonal alterations, selective breeding, and application of embryo transfer techniques.

Keywords : Climate change Livestock Production Reproduction Ameliorative Measures

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