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Influence of Super Dosing of Phytase Enzyme on Performance of Broiler Chicken

S. G. Raut M. V. Dhumal M. G. Nikam K. K. Khose
Vol 8(7), 220-231

An experiment was conducted to evaluate the performance of broiler by super dosing of phytase. 375, one days old Vencobb400 straight run chicks were weighed and distributed randomly into five treatment groups viz, A, B, C, D and E with three replicates of 25 chicks each. The recommended nutritional matrix for 500 FTU was used as per manufacturer guidelines. Treatment group A was control, B was fed with phytase enzyme with @ 500 FTU matrixes/ ton of feed, C was fed with phytase enzyme with @ 1000 FTU with 500 FTU matrix/ ton of feed, D was with phytase enzyme with @ 1500 FTU with 500 FTU matrix/ ton of feed and E was fed with phytase enzyme with @ 2000 FTU with 500 FTU matrix/ ton of feed. The cumulative body weights, feed consumption and FCR up to 6th week of age were non-significant. The performance of Phytase supplemented groups was at par to that of control even by reducing the nutrients as per matrix and best performance was observed for treatment groups D. The serum calcium values at 42 days differ significantly (P<0.05), however serum phosphorus values showed non-significant differences. An enhanced profitability was recorded for super dosing treatment groups using nutritional matrix with increasing the doses level. An increase in profitability was due to lower feed cost, thereby reduced cost of production. It concluded that super dosing of phytase increased the better utilization of nutrients thereby improved performance than non-supplemented group. The diet prepared as per nutritional matrix phytase @ 500 FTU of feed and super dosing with 1500 FTU of feed was more beneficial from bird’s performance and improved profitability.

Keywords : Broiler Performance Calcium and Phosphorus Retention Economics Nutritional Matrix Phytase Supplementation

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