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LEP/BsaAI Analysis of Leptin Gene and Its Association with Milk Production Traits of Lactating Hariana Cattle of India

Rambachan Rajesh Nigam Vijay Pandey Pawanjit Singh S. P. Singh Deepak Sharma Madhu Tiwari
Vol 9(6), 184-190

The study was aimed to investigate the genetic polymorphism in LEP gene and their associations with milk production traits in Hariana cows. The blood samples were collected from 62 Hariana cows and analyzed to identify LEP/BsaAI genotypes using PCR-RFLP method. Statistical analysis of LEP/BsaAI genotypes showed significantly longer lactation period in AA genotype than BB genotype in first lactation while total milk yield and milk yield in 300 days revealed higher yield in AA genotype than AB and BB genotypes in first lactation. Observations of this investigation advocated that genetic polymorphism in leptin significantly affects milk production in primiparous Hariana cows. However, further studies are required for detection of polymorphism at different region of leptin gene as well as in different populations of cattle to properly characterize the robustness of the associations of genetic polymorphisms with milk yield and other economically important traits across cattle populations.

Keywords : Hariana Cows Milk Production Traits Leptin Gene PCR-RFLP Polymorphism

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