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Performance of Commercial Broiler Chicken under Sex Separate Rearing in Deep Litter System

Sanghamitra Kalita Kula Prasad Kalita Niranjan Kalita Joga Dev Mahanta
Vol 8(5), 129-135

The investigation was undertaken to compare the effect of sex separate rearing on the performance of broiler chicken. Sex separation of the chicks were done at 22nd day by observing the early appearance of comb in males. A total of 180 day old commercial broiler chicks were divided into three treatment groups viz., T0 ( mixed sex i.e. 30 males and 30 females), T1(60 male) and T2(60 female)with three replicates each with 20 chicks. At 6th week T1 showed the highest (2509.17±22.24g) body weight followed by T0 (2322.11±33.38g) and T2 (2226.67±19.64g). At 6th week of age the highest feed intake was observed in T2 (607.166g) followed by T0 (495.33g) and T1 (488 g). At 6th week the overall F.C.R was best in T1 (1.91) followed by T0 (2.11) and T2 (2.15).Gross profit per broiler was higher by Rs. 23.21 in T1 and Rs.14.53 in T0 as compared T2.

Keywords : Body Weight Broiler FCR Feed Intake Gross Profit Sex-Separate Rearing

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