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Prevalence of Various Intestinal Zoonotic Parasites in Dogs of Jammu Region of Jammu and Kashmir

Irfan Ali Shah H. K. Sharma M. A. Shah R. Katoch M. A. Malik
Vol 7(1), 116-120

Study was conducted to determine the prevalence of various zoonotic intestinal parasites among the dogs of Jammu region. A total of 105 faecal samples of dogs (50 pet and 55 stray) were screened for Taenid eggs and 6 (5.71%) were found positive. The prevalence of the eggs was highest in stray dogs (16%) having access to condemned meat/offal (living near slaughter shops/post mortem areas). None of the samples was found positive from 50 pet dogs. Six suspected dogs were purgated by arecoline hydrobromide and one dog was found positive for Echinococcus granulosus. Twenty dogs, died in road accidents, were necropsied and intestines were examined for various parasites.The intestinal zoonotic parasites viz., Ancylostoma caninum (8/20, 40%), Toxocara canis (3/20, 15%), Taenia hydatigena (2/20, 10%) and Dipylidium caninum (4/20, 20%) were observed.

Keywords : Dogs Zoonotic Parasites

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