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Socio-Economic Status and Problems Faced by Dairy Farmers of Sardhana Block of Meerut District

Naresh Prasad Suresh Kumar M. Pande Y. K. Soni S. Saha N. Chand S. Arya
Vol 9(4), 120-128

Socio-economic status is a measurement of economic and social position of an individual in the society. It influences the accessibility to the resources, livelihood pattern, food and nutritional security. The present study was conducted in Jhitkari, Chhabariya and Chandana villages of Sardhana block of Meerut district with the objectives to find out the socio-economic status and to identify problems faced by dairy farmers. The data was collected from 120 farmers, 40 from each village. The result indicated that majority of the farmers belonged to the age group 36-50 years; the agriculture along with dairying was their main occupation and education level of 78 percent of dairy farmers was above high school. The average annual income from animal husbandry and agriculture was Rs. 46,000/- and Rs.1, 33,000/-respectively; the average total annual income from all sources was Rs.1, 84,000/-. The problems identified in selected villages were lack of knowledge about modern technologies, unavailability of veterinarian/ para-vet, infertility in dairy animals, lack of agricultural market etc.

Keywords : Agricultural Market Dairying Income Infertility Meerut Socio-Economic Status

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