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Socio-Economic Status of Tenyi- vo Pig Farmers of Nagaland, India

K. Joshua Kath Saidur Rahman Samresh Kumar Das Ranjana Goswami J. K. Chaudhary Lalhumliana Tochhawng Biswajit Chutia
Vol 9(11), 196-203

The study was designed to assess the socio-personal and economic attributes of Tenyi-vo pig farmers in Kohima and Peren Districts of Nagaland. Fifty farmers from each district were selected randomly on the basis of random sampling and interviewed with the help of a structured, pre-tested, reliable and valid interview schedule. Results of analysis revealed that majority of the pig farmers were female (58.0%), in the middle age group (30-51 years), medium income (61,000/--1,09,000/-) and marginal land holding (0.1-2.5 acres). Majority of the farmers reared their pigs in confinement and fed with kitchen waste and locally available agriculture products and leaves.

Keywords : Nagaland Pig Rearing Socio-Economic Status Tenyi-vo

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