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Socioeconomic Impact of Vanaraja Backyard Poultry Farming in Sikkim Himalayas

Mahak Singh R. Islam R. K. Avasthe
Vol 9(3), 243-248

Backyard poultry production is a traditional livelihood option among rural tribal people of Sikkim with rearing of indigenous birds of poor production performances. Backyard poultry farming with improved bird like Vanaraja is a potent tool for livelihood promotion and nutritional security of the rural people of Sikkim in a sustainable way under organic farming. The Vanaraja bird is hardy and has better immunocompetence due to which it is successfully adapted under backyard poultry farming system in Sikkim. In the present study the benefit-cost (B: C) ratio in Vanaraja and local chicken is recorded as 4.41 and 1.57, respectively. The net income per bird is significantly higher (Rs.995.97 only) in Vanaraja than local bird (Rs.287.22 only).The higher B:C ratio and higher net return per bird in case of Vanaraja indicates that Vanaraja rearing is much more profitable than the local poultry bird.

Keywords : Backyard Poultry Sikkim Himalayas Socioeconomic Vanaraja

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