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Study of Clinical Markers and Biochemical Parameters in Theileriosis Affected Cattle Treated with Arteether

Khawale T. S. Siddiqui M. F. M. F. Sakhare M. P. Borikar S. T. Shafi T. A. Thorat A. B. and Shelke V. B.
Vol 10(3), 108-114

The present research work was done with the objective to study the clinical markers and biochemical parameters of arteether against theileriosis in cattle. Total 67 suspected cattle of theileriosis were screened based on blood smear examination and lymph node biopsy. The animals were also studied for clinical markers associated with theileriosis. After treatment with buparvaquone and arteether total protein, albumin and globulin showed significant improvement. Blood urea nitrogen and creatinine levels were significantly increased in theileriosis affected cattle. Buparvaquone treated animals showed increase in blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine level affecting the kidneys and arteether treated cattle showed significant improvement. AST, ALT and total bilirubin were increased in theileriosis affected cattle and significant improvement occur after treatment with buparvaquone and arteether. Arteether showed 66.66% efficacy as compared to buparvaquone which observed 100% efficacy.

Keywords : Arteether Biochemical Parameters Buparvaquone Clinical Markers Theileriosis

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