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Study on Pre-Weaning Growth Performance of Broiler Rabbits

Sarin Karthikeyan Kunnath Sakaram Durgam Gnana Prakash Manthani Sarat Chandra Amaravadhi
Vol 8(9), 234-240

Data recorded on growth of 433 bunnies born in to 112 litters of two synthetic rabbit genetic groups APAU Fawn (FN) and APAU Black (BL), from August 2011 to September 2012, of Rabbit Research Centre, College of Veterinary Science, Hyderabad, were utilized for the present investigation to evaluate influence of genetic and non-genetic factors on pre weaning growth performance of the two breeds under study. The effect of genetic group was significant limited to a particular period of study. Season of birth exerted highly significant influence on body weight gained, with winter proving to be the promising period for growth. Litter size at birth was found to exert influence on body weight gained by each bunny in a group, with smaller groups gaining more. Genetic group, Season of birth and Litter size exerted a significant influence on Average Daily Gain (ADG) of bunnies. The overall pre-weaning mean body weight at first and fourth week ranged from 51.30 ± 0.38g to 476.39 ± 5.43g, respectively, whereas the ADG ranged from 8.86 ± 0.15g to 29.52 ± 0.73 g, for the same period.

Keywords : Average Daily Gain Body Weight Rabbit Pre-Weaning

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