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Training Needs of Beneficiaries under Mini Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme (MKDS) in Lucknow Mandal of Uttar Pradesh

Jitendra Pratap Mahesh Chander Sanjay Kumar Ajay Kumar Chaturvedani Jayant Goyal
Vol 7(9), 61-68

The study was conducted over 93 beneficiaries in Lucknow Mandal of Uttar Pradesh under Mini Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme (MKDS) to identify training needs in various areas of organised dairy farming. In order to identify training needs of beneficiaries, the responses of individual beneficiary were recorded on four point continuum as most needed, needed, least needed and not needed with respective scores 4, 3, 2 and 1 by pre tested structured interview schedule. Further, total weighted mean was calculated for each aspect by adding up frequencies and multiplied with respective continuum scores. Finally, ranks were given on the basis of total weighted mean score. The study revealed that majority of MKDS beneficiaries (63.4%) perceived training needs on bio-security as most needed, followed by feed and feeding management (59.1%), health care (58.1%), calf management (33.3%) and breed selection and identification of quality dairy animal (36.6%) were equally ranked as IV. Majority of respondents (47.5%) perceived marketing as needed, followed by clean milk production (38.7%), housing management (25.8%) and finance (16.1%) with rank V, VI, VII and VIII respectively.

Keywords : Beneficiary MKDS Perceived Training Needs

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