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Ultrasonographic Studies on Early Embryonic Development and Ageing in Murrah Buffaloes

A. B. Mali M. V. Ingawale N. M. Markandeya B. L. Kumawat
Vol 9(1), 271-277

The present research was instigated to diagnosis of early pregnancy and embryonic ageing through trans-rectal ultrasonography in buffaloes under farm conditions. Total 830 Murrah buffaloes were scanned by standard ultrasonographic procedure after 26 days of Artificial insemination. Among 830 buffaloes, 327 were confirmed pregnant on the basis of presence of embryonic vesicles, embryo proper, heart beats, eye orbits, limb buds whereas 503 buffaloes were diagnosed as non-pregnant based on hypoechoic images on during 26 to 41 days of AI. In pregnant buffaloes, embryonic crown rump length (CRL), body diameter (BD) and bi-parietal diameter (BPD) were measured by in built electronic caliper of the Ultrasonography machine. Mean CRL of the embryo increased from 6.03±0.07 mm on day 26 to 22.12±0.35 mm on day 41 post-insemination. The BD and BPD of embryos were possible to measure from day 29 to 41. The average BD of the embryo varied from 4.33±0.12 mm on day 29 to 11.10±0.10 mm on day41 whereas, the average BPD was recorded 3.22±0.06 on day 29 to 8.98±0.16 mm on day 41. Other embryonic parameters such as the heart beats, amnion, optic lens, limb buds and umbilical cord were detectable first time on day 27.8, 29.8, 33.4, 35.3, 39.9 and 40.5 post-insemination, respectively. Ultrasonography has 100 percent predictive value for diagnosis of pregnancy as well as non-pregnancy on day 28 onwards in Murrah buffaloes. Embryonic measurements viz. CRL, BD and BPD can be utilized for determination of embryonic age as well as gestational days in Murrah buffaloes having unknown breeding history.

Keywords : Early Pregnancy Diagnosis Embryonic Ageing Murrah Buffaloes Ultrasonography

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