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Comparative Assessment of Live Weights, Weight Gains and Body Conformation Traits among Indigenous and Exotic Breeds of Chicken

Anshita Sharma Samita Saini Sanjita Sharma Sudarshan Mahala Piyush Awasthi
Vol 11(4), 28-36

The present study was conducted to assess and compare the growth performance and body conformation traits of two exotic chicken breeds viz. Australorp and Cornish with one of the indigenous Kadaknath chicken breeds. Body weights were measured from 3rd day following weekly basis up to 8th week and body conformation traits were measured at 3rd, 5th and 7th weeks of age under standard managemental conditions. The body weight increased linearly in all breeds. Among all the breeds, Cornish breed exhibited significantly higher (P<0.05) body weights and body weight gains up to 8th week whereas Kadaknath has the lowest body weight on all ages of measurements. The weights of chicks were increased 24 to 25 times for Australorp and Cornish breeds and 14th times for Kadaknath breed up to 8th week. The influence of breeds was observed highly significant on body weight, growth rate and body conformation traits i.e., shank length and keel bone length. The least squares mean (LSM) values for keel bone and shank length and their differences were highest in Cornish breed followed by Australorp and Kadaknath breed. Cornish breed had better production performance which can be more beneficial for commercial poultry farming and there is a need to pay attention towards improvement in Kadaknath breed for body weight gains.

Keywords : Australorp Body Conformation Traits Body Weight Cornish Growth Rate Kadaknath

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