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Professor Michael Ocaido

Head of Department of Wildlife and Aquatic Animal Resources, College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity, Makerere University, Kampala, UGANDA

He is Veterinary Epidemiologist and Economist. He has done extensive research  on  Epidemiology of wildlife and livestock diseases; Parasitic diseases (ticks, tick-borne diseases, tsetse flies; trypanosomosis and helminthosis including fasciolosis),  Livestock Transboundary Diseases (FMD, CBPP, African Swine Fever etc); Zoonotic diseases (echinococcosis, cysticercosis,  anthrax, trypanosomosis, brucellosis, tuberculosis and fasciolosis); Economics of animal production systems (both livestock and wildlife); Predictive modelling for diseases and financial analysis; GIS modelling,  Modelling economic impact of diseases and interventions, pastoral and agro-pastoral production systems; Wildlife-livestock-human interfaces; Economic  feasibility studies and  Water Sanitation and Hygiene. More recently involved in monitoring stress in wild animals and  engaged in edible insect research.  He has supervised 38 MSc students and 19 PhD students. He has published extensively over 97 publications in  refereed journals. Widely travelled attending over 90 conferences, symposia and workshops.  He has won grants which have been used for research and academic staff capacity building in Makerere University by offering MSc and PhD training. He has won grants from GTZ, IFS, Morris Animal Foundation, Mountain Gorilla project, FAO, WHO, World Bank, Carnegie New York, SIDA /SAREC, USAID, CIDA, German Research Foundation, DANIDA, DFID; International Atomic Energy Agency, Wildlife Conservation Society, Total and Uganda Wildlife Authority.

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