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Active Stone Disease in Ruminants

Mohsin Ali Gazi Dil Mohamad Makhdoomi Arif Mohamad Khan Abdul Majeed Ganai
Vol 2(3), 25-31

Obstructive urolithiasis, an active stone disease in ruminants is the retention of urine subsequent to lodgment of calculi anywhere in the urinary conduct from up to urethral orifice. The condition can cause significant economic losses due to urethral obstruction; rupture of the urethra or bladder or death from the build up of toxic substances that are usually removed through the urine. It is an important disease of feeder animals but is also seen in mature breeding animals. Urolithiasis is seen most often during winter in steers and wethers on full feed, or on range during severe weather conditions with limited water intake, especially when the water has a high mineral content. Urolithiasis has no specific geographic distribution, and the different urolith types reflect the mineral distribution of the feed.The number of affected animals is usually low but can be as high as 10% annually in exceptional circumstances. The condition occurs more frequently in feedlot situations. Many surgical approaches and techniques for the diagnosis and the treatment of the disease have been described with their relative merits and demerits in the literature.

Keywords : Urolithiasis stone diseases ruminants

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