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  1. Chilika- A Distinct Registered Buffalo Breed of India

  2. Status of Assisted Reproductive Technologies for Genetic Improvement of Dairy Cattle in Ethiopia: Review

  3. Characterization of Buffalo Meat Using Principal Component Analysis

  4. Prebiotics – The New Feed Supplement for Dairy Calf

  5. The Impact of Climate Change on Livestock Production and Reproduction- Ameliorative Management

  6. Brucellosis- A Prominent Bacterial Zoonosis and Strategies for Prevention and Control – A Review

  7. Strategies to Manipulate Progesterone For Improved Ovarian and Fertility Responses in Bovines – A Review

  8. Fodder Resource Management in India- A Critical Analysis

  9. Effect of α-Galactosidase Supplementation to Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) Meal Based Diets on Production and Egg Quality Parameters in Commercial Layers

  10. Diagnosis of Mycobacterium bovis Using Interferon-gamma (IFN-γ) Assay and Post Mortem in Indian Cattle (Bos indicus)

  11. Exploring Purple Leaf Sandcherry (Prunus cistena) Extracts Based Indicator to Monitor Meat Quality during Storage at 10±1° C

  12. Modern Approach in Animal Breeding by Use of Advanced Molecular Genetic Techniques

  13. Polymorphism Studies of Kappa-casein (k-CN), Beta-lactoglobulin (β-Lg) and DRB3 Genes in Indian Murrah Buffalo

  14. Isolation and Molecular Characterization of ETEC and NTEC Escherichia coli from Cattle Farm With Reference to Virulence Marker Gene

  15. Congenital Heart Diseases in Dogs – An Overview

  16. Evaluation of Egg Shell Quality in Poultry Industry

  17. Molecular Markers- Characteristics and Applications in Animal Breeding

  18. Role of Minerals in Reproductive Health of Dairy Cattle: A Review

  19. Bluetongue in Ruminants

  20. Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex: A Critical Review

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