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Applications of Transgenic Animal Production for Enhancement of Human Welfare- A Critical Review

Sanjoy Datta Sidharth Prasad Mishra Subhash Taraphder Manoranjan Roy Uttam Sarkar Ananta Kumar Das
Vol 8(2), 32-42

The advancement in bioscience to produce transgenic animals by introducing the foreign DNA into the germ line of an animal has elevated the potential of biological research to an unprecedented level. There are four principal methods used in the pursuit of producing transgenic animals and they are DNA microinjection, embryonic stem cell mediated gene transfer, retrovirus mediated gene transfer and nuclear transfer. The foreign DNA can be inserted physically into the nucleus of host cells with very small syringe or with minute particles fired from a gene gun. The success rate in terms of live birth of animals containing the transgene is extremely low. However, the Testis mediated gene transfer (TMGT) has resulted a success rate of >94% in mice which is very high. Transgenic animals are the crux of various pursuits that benefit human. These are mainly utilized as transpharmers, xenotransplanters, scientific models, diseases models and food sources.

Keywords : Gene Gun Gene Transfer Oncomouse Superpig Transgenic Animal Transpharmer Xenotransplantation

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