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Comparative Curative Efficacy of Ivermectin and Ivermectin with Vitamin Supplementation Treatment against Naturally Infested Sarcoptes scabiei Mite in Rabbits- A Retrospective Study

Mritunjay Kumar Amit Kumar Nath Sarmistha Debbarma S. Battacharya S. W. Monsang D. Bijwal M. R. Saseendranath
Vol 8(12), 82-86

Sarcoptes scabiei infection is a common disease observed in rabbits. A total of 206 Soviet Chinchilla and New Zealand White rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculi) of either sex aged between six months to two years were divided into two groups viz., Group I (G -I), consisting of 116 rabbits and Group II (G- II) consists of 90 rabbits. Rabbits of G-I were treated twice with ivermectin at a the dose rate of 0.2 mg/kg body weight sub-cutaneously at weekly intervals and G- II were treated with Ivermectin at a dose rate of 0.2 mg/kg body weight along with Vitamin A, D, E and H at the dose rate of 0.025 ml/ kg intramuscularly at weekly intervals for two weeks. Rabbits of G-II revealed faster reduction in the mite density, compared with G-I rabbits. The rabbits of G-II also revealed significant (P≤0.01) improvements in the sarcoptes-induced skin lesions score (SSLS) and reduction in the mite density at the respective day post-therapy compared with the rabbits of G-I.

Keywords : Clinical Score Ivermectin Rabbits Sarcoptes scabiei Vitamin

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