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Effect of Non Starch Polysaccharide Hydrolyzing Enzymes on Nutrient Utilization and Economics of Broilers Reared on Corn-Soybean Meal Based Standard and Sub-Optimal Diets

M.G. Nikam V. Ravinder Reddy M. V. L. N. Raju K. Kondal Reddy J. Narasimha
Vol 7(1), 63-71

Two hundred one-day old Ven-Cobb commercial broiler chicks were supplemented with the non starch polysaccharide (NSP) hydrolyzing enzymes i.e (xylanase, ß-D-glucanase, cellulase, mannanase and pectinase @ 2400, 4800, 1800, 4800, and 2400 IU/kg (1X concentration) and 4800, 9600, 3600, 9600 and 4800 IU/kg (2X concentration) respectively to the corn + soybean meal based standard as well as basal diets (-100Kcal) respectively. The birds were weighed, wing banded and randomly distributed in to four experimental groups, with ten replicates and five birds in each replicate to assess the effect of the NSP hydrolyzing enzyme combinations on nutrient utilization and economics of broiler production. The results revealed that the supplementation of NSP hydrolyzing enzymes at 1X and 2X concentrations respectively in the standard and basal broiler diets did shown significant differences (P<0.05) with protein and energy utilization. The NSP hydrolyzing enzyme supplemented with standard and basal corn soya diets @ 1X and 2X concentration respectively had evolved as an economical combination for rearing the broilers.

Keywords : Non Starch Polysaccharide Hydrolyzing Enzymes Lower Concentration Higher Concentration

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