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Field Study on Growth Performance of Pre-Weaned Stall Fed Local Kids Supplemented with Organic Zinc

Ramachandraiah M. Mahadevappa D. Gouri Harini H. Prasanna S. B. Umashankar B. C.
Vol 9(1), 61-65

Small ruminants especially goat plays an important economic and sustainable income to the Indian farming community especially small, marginal and landless labourers in the country. Wants of human been raising to meet the food requirements of the increasing population. But in the other side the nutritional status of these animals plays a vital role in their production performances. Among the essential micronutrients zinc influences metabolism, immune system and overall health condition, deficiency of which can result in growth retardation, and other health related problems leading to huge economic losses. Hence, the current study was carried out to assess the effect of organic Zn supplementation on growth rate of pre-weaned stall fed local kids. Twelve twin local kids of one week age were divided in to two equal groups of six in each group (control and treatment) with the average body weights of 2.20±0.01kg (control) and 2.16±0.03 kg (treatment). The control group animals were allowed to suckle mother during first three weeks of study. Then along with suckling, they were provided with tree leaves (Neem and Sesbania), horse gram and chopped fodder maize till the completion of study. Whereas, the animals in treatment group were also offered same diet as that of control group, additionally these group was supplemented with organic Zn (Zn acetate) @ 1 mg/kg body weight. Weekly body weight of both groups was recorded for 10 weeks and the data so collected was analyzed statistically. The results showed that the Average Daily Gain (ADG) (g) of kids supplemented with organic Zn was higher (89.73 ± 0.57) than the control (44.38 ± 1.23). This shows that the supplementation of zinc in the form of zinc acetate has a significant influence on growth and development of kids; hence study recommends the supplementation of zinc for young small ruminants mainly kids.

Keywords : Growth Rate Kids Micronutrient Organic Zn Stall Fed

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