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Performance of Commercial Broiler Chicks as Affected by Enzyme Supplementation

G. R. Bansal V. P. Singh N. Sachan
Vol 1(1), 45-51

The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of enzyme on performance of commercial broiler chicks. Two enzyme levels (without and with enzyme supplementation) were considered for the study. The experiment consisted of two replicates for enzyme groups. The performance of broiler was evaluated in terms of growth and feed efficiency at 6th week of age. Inclusion of enzyme in diet had significant effect in both the sexes. Group of chicks fed with diet E (with enzyme) were significantly heavier than those fed with diet E0 (without enzyme) at second week body weight. Inclusion of enzyme had significant effect at third week age of body weight. The group of chicks fed with enzyme supplemented diet (E) had significantly higher body weight than the group fed without enzyme supplemented diet (E0). Inclusion of enzyme revealed significant effects on body weight. Chicks showed higher body weight with diet having enzyme. The weekly feed efficiency exposed significant effect due to enzyme. The effect of enzyme was also found to have significant effect on over all feed efficiency and the trend remained same as was found for weekly feed efficiency.

Keywords : Enzyme replicates feed conversion ratio feed efficiency body weight

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