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Review on Study of Toll like Receptor 2 Gene and its Polymorphic Relationship with Mastitis in Cattle

U. T. Mundhe D. N. Das P. V. Jadhav Arun Pratap Singh
Vol 8(5), 19-30

Mastitis is defined as an inflammatory reaction of the parenchyma of the mammary glands to bacterial, chemical, thermal or mechanical injury. SCC is used as an indicator to detect mastitis in individual cow. TLR2 is a membrane protein, a receptor, which is expressed on the surface of certain cells and recognizes foreign substances and passes on appropriate signals to the cells of the immune system. Bovine TLR2 was assigned to Bos taurus (BTA) chromosome 17 using radiation hybrid mapping. Detection of molecular markers associated with mastitis resistance would be useful towards marker assisted selection (MAS) at an early age of dairy animals to reduce the economic losses. Hence purpose of this study is to review identification of SNPs in the bovine TLR2 gene and to evaluate their association with incidences of subclinical mastitis in dairy cattle.

Keywords : Mastitis Polymorphism Somatic Cell Count

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