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Seasonal Variations in Seminal Plasma Protein of Ostrich (Struthio camelus)

C. Pandian S. T. Selvan
Vol 9(11), 191-195

This study was designed to evaluate the influence of season on seminal plasma protein expression of ostrich semen. The ostrich seminal plasma (OSP) had five major specific proteins bands namely, OSP-I (GATA Zinc finger domain containing protein 1), OSP-II (GATA Zinc finger domain containing protein 1), OSP- III (E3 ubiquitin protein ligase RNF 216), OSP-IV (Mitotic spindle assembly checkpoint protein MAD1) and OSP-V (Dual specificity phosphatase DUPD1). The estimated molecular weight of OSP-I (Mr94.51 to 102.34 kDa), OSP-II (Mr75.19 to 93.07 kDa), OSP-III (Mr59.58 to 72.76 kDa), OSP-IV (Mr30.71 to 40.90 kDa) and OSP-V (Mr21.66 to 26.26 kDa) were observed in the present study. Months and season had significant influence on the molecular weight of ostrich seminal plasma protein. The southwest monsoon had significant effects on molecular weight, when compared with other seasons. From the study, it was concluded that seminal plasma contains specific proteins in particular season, which may be associated with some of the semen characteristics, and these proteins could be used as markers of the semen quality of ostrich.

Keywords : Ostrich Seminal Plasma Protein Seasonal Variations

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